Mabel - 1950s Ladies Peugeot Townbike Restoration

Vintage Peugeot right side I bought this old French ladies town bike on ebay. When I got her, she looked like a wreck. As I started to clean her up, I realised that she was in mechanically excellent condition and had probably done less than 60 miles in the last 60 years. The only missing component was the original push-rod, sliding derailleur. So I set about cleaning her up and restoring her.

Cleaning Brake Levers

On the Vintage Velo

A great way of studying the history of bicycle design. Vintage Peugeot right side Log Vintage Peugeot right side Tree Vintage Peugeot Left Side Vintage Peugeot Left Side in front of tree Mmmmmmm - hand painted line work. Vintage Peugeot Front Wheel Vintage Peugeot Front Wheel


This is the “AntiVol” - under that cap you can slip a lock which engages a slot in the steerer tube. This locks the steering at an angle, making it harder to steal. The Antivol

Mmmm. Aluminium chainguard to match the mudguards. Aluminium Chainguard

There is a great view in the cockpit, with the original bell. Ting-Ting. Handlebars

That is a 1960’s push-rod derailleur. This part is new-old-stock, not quite original. 1960’s Derailleur

Fenders… swoon. Front wheel right side

Nice headlight. I installed an LED bulb, so it’s bright. I still have the working original bulb. Headlamp

Dynamo-powered tail light. Tail light

Peugeot Name

Those brakes have beautiful style - those are the original brake blocks. Vintage Peugeot Front Brake Rear Brake

Lug Detail Leather Saddle

This is the original metal Badge from the shop that sold the bike in the 1950s. Why don’t modern bike shops do this? Metal Badge

There is a French dude who bought the Michelin moulds, when they stopped making 650B wheels. Once a year he has a batch of authentic wheels made in SE Asia. White Tires

On the Back of the saddle is the original toolbag … Toolbag on Saddle Complete with the original tools. Tool Roll

The Guarantee runs for 2 years from date of purchase. Those tire patches are still in there, although I think they may have dried out by now. Guarentee Guarentee Paperwork

Yes, I changed the lever to a 1960’s new-old-stock. But just take a moment to admire the original hand-painted linework. Gear lever Original Bell Rear

Four Goliath Butterfly-Nuts hold on the wheels. Butterfly Wheel Nuts Seat Tube

That bottle-dynamo has a cute little mechanism to engage and disengage the wheel, and a streamline cover so it doesn’t trap your clothes. Dynamo

Condition before restoration

Here’s what it looked like before I restored it. A proper ebay barn find. I thought it was a wreck, and that I was going to do it up as a fun runabout-town. Then I saw it and realised that it was something special. Before Restoration

Before Restoration

Before Restoration

Before Restoration