Raspberry Pi

Currently, my desk has two Raspberry Pi’s. Raspberry Pi’s are just brilliant little computers - it’s great to have a dedicated piece of hardware to do one task.

Volumio Music Player

A Raspberry Pi 2 IQaudio Dac and Amp Hat, with Mordaunt Short speakers makes the main stereo in my office - the sound quality is really good. Volumio Music player

Octoprint Running on a Pi4 8Gb

Octoprint is a brilliant open source software created by Gina Häußge. It runs my 3D printer, and serves up a webpage that allows me to control and monitor it from anywhere in the house.

Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Heatsink Case - Upgrade Covers

I created these 3D Printed Upgrade Covers for the Pi Aluminium Heatsink Case to cover the GPIO pins, and USB ports. Pi Case Custom Covers

Pi Case Custom Covers

Whoops - Accidental Cyberdeck

I accidentally made a Cyberdeck. These are just super-retro-futuristically cool, and would be quite tempting for a future project - if I could work out a purpose for it :) Accidental Cyberdeck

Pi Hole

I’ve dabbled with running a Pi Hole to adblock the whole house… I should get back to that. Pi Hole