LED Timer


An Arduino based presentation timer for student presentations. Started in 2019, still a work in progress.

https://media.ccc.de the video archive of the Chaos Computer club is just a brilliant resource - I’ve learned so much from it.

Originally inspired by the lighting talk timer by BigAlex and Honky used for the CCC talks.

A presentation and critique timer for use in university, visually displaying the time for presentations and for feedback sessions. To help keep everyone on time. I learned a lot more about esp8266, Blynk and connecting Arduino to a phone.

The first working prototype was built in just one hour by adapting the Light Painting stick. That’s what I love about Arduino - the ability to try out and iterate ideas quickly.

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Tonight's mini-hack, knocked up a prototype of a presentation (or tutorial) timer. Counts up green, then yellow and red. When red goes disco, your time is up. Next task is to add time adjust and a case. Inspired by the CCC lightening talk timer by honky and big Alex. #hack #neopixel #ws2812 #arduino

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3D Print

So far there have been 6 iterations. Through these I’ve learned a lot about interaction design:


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Presentation timer. Magical rainbow means your time is up. #neopixel #ws2812

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At the moment it’s a nice working prototype. Time for a mark 7 with a better housing soon.