Marc Newson Urban Spaceman

Grab it online while you can.
50 minutes in 5 parts - Should also be in DVD in the University library.
BBC's Imagine. Marc Newson: Urban Spaceman

The design equivalent of a rockstar, they say:
"Undisputed star of the "design-art" market limited edition furniture...sculptural and very improbable shapes, generally uncomfortable to sit on, usually extortionately expensive."
"...More of a sculpture that a chair."
"The constraints of working in industrial production bring out the best of him."

Marc Says:
"I'm proud to say I'm a geek, designers are geeks. Good designers are geeks, bad designers are not geeks. Geeks are interested in detail... their obsessed with the minutia of how things work, and if you're not, then how can you really know what you are doing?"
"This is a prototype - we'll go through many many iterations before we get it right."
"This is just a vehicle for me to exercise all of my deamons."
"These are my technical experiments, these are exercises I set myself...it's like doing a new course at university, it's a learning process."

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